Chromatronics has extensive experience in Radio Broadcasting and Television projects
and is capable of arranging and carrying out installation of systems.

Projects have ranged from design and implementation of a digital server based playout centre for pay TV to the design for communications systems in tunnels, satellite systems for commercial and defence clients, and video systems.

The “hardline” system designed and installed at River 949 in Ipswich Queensland to
phase combine 2 Harris HT10 tube transmitters together to allow operation at 20KW until their new solid-state BE
transmitter arrived. The new transmitter was also installed by Chromatronics, and their subsequent standby
transmitter along with a complete re-design of the transmitter room layout and “Plumbing” with a switching control
unit designed and manufactured by Chromatronics.

A satellite uplink system for Ku band installed by Chromatronics in Subic bay Philippines.

The interior of an OB van refurbished by Chromatronics.